Joey's headshot.jpgMy name is Joey Aszterbaum.

I’m a political organizer in Riverside County, CA skilled at building grassroots political power, networking, coordinating campaigns, recruiting and developing leaders, leading direct actions, media relations, public speaking, educating, creating curriculum, and facilitating meetings and workshops.

I was recently employed as a Field Organizer for the Bernie 2020 presidential campaign, serving as a union steward in a sector with no history of collective worker action.

I have thrown myself into the fight for social and economic justice at my worksite, in my community, and in campaigns for candidates and legislation at the local, state, and federal levels.

I’ve organized direct actions, marches, and rallies on behalf of labor rights, immigration justice, health care for all, campaign finance reform, and more.

I’ve served as an elected delegate to the Democratic National Convention (2016) and an elected Executive Board Representative for the California Democratic Party (2017-2019), and am the founder and president of our local chartered Democratic Club (2017-Present). 

I’ve been interviewed by the Los Angeles Times, NPR, The Nation, Variety, Politico, Orange County Register, Press Enterprise, Desert Sun, The Young Turks, blogs and podcasts, and published articles in newspapers and online media regarding labor, politics, and immigration.

Additionally, I’m the author of the book Right to Life (2017), have 20 years of experience in public speaking (to audiences as large as 9,000), provided coaching, consulting, and leadership training to hundreds, and served as president or chair for political clubs, non-profit organizations, and committees.

My detailed professional profile can be found by clicking here.

If you would like to contact me, please comment below. Your message is private and secure, and will not be displayed after you “Post Comment,” so feel free to include your name, email, and the best number to reach you.

Thank you!



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